Why engage?

The opportunity to engage people effectively…

  1. Effective public engagement means that individuals and communities can become involved in improving their quality of life annd the quality of services we provide.
  2. Effective public involvement can improve local democracy and help with community integration and cohesion.
  3. Partner organisations can become more efficient and save money through agreeing a common, co-ordinated approach to public engagement.

The public want to be involved in decisions that concern them...

  1. When engaging with the public about a service, policy or any other issue, the focus will be on finding out the current needs, concerns, priorities or satisfaction levels of current and potential service users, and stakeholders, as well as of individuals and groups from the general public.
  2. Everyone has a unique set of needs and opinions.  It's our job to find efficient ways to adequately obtain, record, analyse and report on what they have said, as well - as to respond to them.
  3. We want to listen and respond adequately, encouraging co-operative decision-making and avoiding the potential for confrontation.

We hope this toolkit will help you to put your public at the heart of everything you do.

Don't engage when…

What is Public Engagement?