Step 7: Analyse the results

Why do this

  • Makes it easier for decision-makers and the public to absorb the results
  • Highlights the results needed for the aims of the activity
  • Prioritises in order of importance
  • Identifies if certain issues affect particular communities


  • How are you going to analyse the results of the information you gather?
  • Will you weight data if your returned sample doesn’t match the demographics of your customers?
  • How will you identify trends?
  • What are the key things you need to draw out from the data and how do they relate to the original aims of the activity?


  • You can use standard analysis packages like SPSS or SNAP
  • Think about how your analysis might be broken down: by age, location, gender, as well as by disability and race. This can highlight differences between people's experiences and provide useful feedback to decision makers
  • Allow time for text analysis for the results of in-depth interviews and focus groups


  • Results which fulfill the aims of the activity 
  • Provide feedback for different audiences. Provide executive summaries for people that only want the important facts with an on-line link to the full report. Think about providing the full data set for others to further analyse in the future.