Tool 9: Carrying out research in Health and Social Care

The national Research Governance Framework for Health and Social Care (RGFHSC) sets out the broad principles of good research governance.

The Essex County Council Research Governance Framework sets standards for all research carried out by or for Essex County Council and currently applies to the following service groups: 

     Adult Social Care and other parts of Adults, Health and Community Wellbeing directorate under certain circumstances

     Social Care in Children’s services  

For the purposes of research governance, the definition of research is necessarily broad and includes activities that are not traditionally labelled research such as audits, reviews, quality surveys and consultation. 

The research governance framework is for all those who participate in, host, fund, sponsor, manage and undertake research.  A detailed proposal explaining the purpose and scope of the study or project and associated documentation are submitted to the Research Governance Group ( 

There are two main consequences of not gaining approval: 

·       The results from the research will not be formally recognised as valid by Essex County Council

·       Should anyone make a complaint about the survey or the way it was managed the researcher may be held personally liable under common law for any negligence