Tool 8: Guide to EIAs


I&DeA guide to Equality Impact Assessments: an excellent summary which shows the role of public engagement in the EIA process. It can also be used as a prompt to ensure inclusion when planning a public engagement activity.

The key stages when doing an EIA are:

1. Clarify and summerise the aims of your service, policy, project, plan, etc.

2. Collect data about Protected Characteristics - in your geographical area especially

3. Assess the impact of your aims on each Protected Characteristic

4. Review/scrutinise the impact; engaging key communities

5. Address issues identified

6. Formally consult on service, policy etc.

7. Publish and communicate results

Guide to EIAs (insert link) 

Note: The sequence of the steps are a little unclear: top row - from left to right; then down; middle row - from right to left; finally left to right on the bottom row.